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Apple Clock Saves A Woman From Drowning In The River

Apple Clock Saves A Woman From Drowning In The River

Apple Watch has saved the life of a US woman, by preventing her from drowning in a river. The incident happened on June 15 when a woman found her foot stuck in a rock under the Columbia River. Read on to find out more about this incident.

The woman used the Emergency Feature on the Apple Watch

A woman was swimming in the Columbia River when her foot got stuck in the rocks below. He always tried to free his foot from the stone but failed. Finally, he made an emergency call with his Apple Watch, which shocked local police. Local police arrived at the scene with Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue staff.

By the time the rescue squad reached the swimmer, he had already spent 30 minutes in the river at a temperature of 13º C and a rising water level. The swimmer showed signs of hypothermia, and he was tired and depressed.

Firefighters tried to rescue the swimmer by offering him a ladder. They also tried to break the stones that his foot had been stuck in. But these efforts have failed. The policeman then had to enter the river himself. He swam to the woman, untied her foot from the rocks, and led her back to the shore.

Apple Watch SOS feature

The Apple Watch has an SOS built-in emergency feature, which alerts local emergency services and shares user location with them. This feature is available on Apple’s third-generation watches and above.

To use the feature, simply press and hold the sidebar clock and select ‘Emergency SOS’ from the popup menu. The phone needs to have an internet connection or an iPhone connection to perform this function.

The feature also sends a text message to the user’s emergency contacts. Apple watches are rated as non-abrasive, but they do not prevent water, so it is surprising that a woman can use a watch when her foot is stuck underneath.

Previous Life-saving Events by Apple Watches

This is not the first time that life has been saved by Apple’s watch. In February this year, a California man fell from his electric bike and bled profusely. His watch alerted local authorities and informed them of his whereabouts. Paramedics arrived at the scene and rescued the man.

In August last year, a 70-year-old man fainted and fell to the ground. His apple watch sent a signal to the paramedics who arrived on time to rescue him. It was the second time the clock had saved. Two years earlier, his life had been saved by an SOS element when his bike crashed.

And last year, a technology schoolteacher slipped on the ice as his ice broke and he slipped into the cold water. He used his watch to call for help and called 911. Firefighters arrived just in time to pull him out of the snow.

Have you used Apple’s SOS clock feature? Let us know in the comments section.



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