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Google Chrome 104 beta has just been launched, here’s the new one

Google Chrome 104 beta has just been launched, here’s the new one

The release allows you to explore the new Privacy Sandbox and brings many screen improvements to web applications

Chrome 103 has just been released from the stable channel this week, and that means its place in the beta slot is now free. The site was quickly filled with Chrome 104, which offers a few new features for those who are trying enough to use the beta to try. Among them are the enhanced Privacy Sandbox screen in settings, the other advanced multi-desktop desktop screens, and video conference enhancements.

Privacy Sandbox

Google is working to change the third-party cookies we still allow you and other advertisers to display personalized ads. It is currently experimenting with the so-called Privacy Sandbox, which analyzes which websites you visit and submits items of interest to you, all in the browser. Websites and ad networks may ask Chrome to give them only access to topics, not any of your actual browsing history.

Chrome 103 makes it possible to join the trial launch, with an updated Sandbox Privacy box that explains how the system works well and gives you a list of interests as you browse. This list is based solely on your browsing behavior once you have opened a review, and will be automatically deleted after 4 weeks.

If you start the browser after the update, you may be invited to join the trial. If not, you can access it by opening Chrome Beta, tapping the three-dot menu in the top right corner, then Settings, Privacy and Security, and the Sandbox Privacy Box.

Full screen setting for multiple windows

Web applications are becoming more and more powerful, and Google is a powerful force for good in this area. The latest developer-focused feature allows sites and web applications to place full-screen content or pop-up windows on second screens, all with one click or tap from the user. This is something native apps have been able to do for years. It will be especially helpful if you are using a web application to present content, as this will allow you to store your notes on your laptop screen and full screen presentation on the beamer.

Something similar was introduced for the first time in Chrome 100, allowing websites to use multi-screen locations and automatically navigate windows across different displays. The power of a new full screen is actually not a small extension of this broad feature.

Regional Photography

Another web-based developer comes with a nondescript “Region Capture” moniker. In fact, this allows web applications to cut and extract certain parts of the video stream before they are shared. In the real world, this can be useful when sharing your screen in video conferencing, avoiding that mirror hall effect you often get when you accidentally display your share screen. your… you get the point.

You can download Chrome 103 beta from Google Play Store with your Android phone. If the latest version has not been released to you yet, you can find it in APK Mirror. Also available on desktop computers.



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